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Friday, 30 October 2009



You LOSE spot the blogger because I see myself in the very same photo as Charlie Matthews ;)
Such an ace evening, so proud of you *sniff* lols.
Looking forward to the BBC2 thingy - it says the 26th november?! YESSS.

See you on the 14th...I hope. Be there or be a square...

M xxx


So sorry I missed it! Thanks for the photos!


My darling aindrea, the show is still wonderful a month down the line. Seeing all the intricate backstage activity shows just how much effort went into the beautifully eclectic runway in the end. Keep in touch, and be sure to let me know of any ventures coming up, as I'll always be happy to come along and do a write up for your talented self. In the meantime, its back to bring out the diva in me with Dreamgirls on the TV. xxx

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a la mode

Haha I spot me looking really really strange in one of the first photos!
It was such a great show! Thanks for inviting me. All your background pictures are amazing, I love the buzz before the show.

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love the behind the scene photos

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Love this new feature! love this page.

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